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here's the plan

The current state of the Space Tech Expo branding is very bland and two-dimensional while the idea of outer space as a whole is complex, intriguing and mysterious. The goal with this rebrand is to create a more lively, updated system that maintains professionalism.

Space tech expo

     Held in Pasadena CA, the Space Tech Expo is a trade show event held for professionals involved in the aerospace industry. It is considered one of the largest events for showcasing space technology and its topics range from materials to engineering to the advances in new technology.

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Alex King

Supplier, 51

Alex works as a mechanical 

parts supplier and is looking to be an exhibitioner at the show. He will be setting up booth to market his company further and gain more connections.

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Jane Smith

Engineer, 32

Jane is a full time engineer developing rockets that deploy satellites into space. On this work trip, she hopes to be introduced to new technology to advance the projects she will work on in her career.

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John Cook

Astronaut, 42

John is an astronaut soon to be sent on a mission. He shows interest in this event by wanting to explore new advances in space travel. He will be attending with his company.

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the rebrand
shAsset 7.jpg

     Industry medium was chosen as the base font to personalize due to its unique industrial and mechanical design. This font represents the engineering aspect behind the aerospace profession. Gill Sans as the body copy was picked for its simple legibility that balances out the boxy style that Industry displays.


     The color grey compliments the industrial aspects of the field and is derived off the heavy use of machinery. The rusty orange added a good contrast to the blue and both of these colors were chosen because they aren't your typical overused space colors... talking to you black and purple.

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