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     Shelterhelp is an app designed for animal shelters to help provide volunteers and employees with an efficient and concise way to manage the day to day activities within a shelter. Users have the ability to access features like their work schedule, kennel way finding, adoption forms and a to-do list that organizes tasks needing completion. The goal with the app is to give workers a clear system to rely on to make their jobs easier and accessible from their phone.

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     The idea behind the color palette was to pick a scheme that can be personalized with a specific company’s colors. So for the main palette, a range of soft grey's are chosen as they are versatile and easily agree with more pigmented shades. As for the hot pink, this is the color that would be swapped out for the specific shelters own branding. But for Shelterhelp, the pink is the primary vibrant color that defines the app brand.

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